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Phase One:
Teacher Workshop

We believe the first step in reaching students is to invest in the teachers who will impact many students for yearsl

Each year we choose two education standards and feature two artists to implement throughout our year-long education program. We work with education specialists from around the state and top artists to develop an elaborate hands-on teacher workshop that aligns with our fall exhibit at the Johnson Center for the Arts.

The mission of the two-day workshop held each July is to collaborate with teachers on how to integrate visual arts into their standards-based curriculum.

Our intentions are to enhance how they teach their required standards, not to add to their curriculum.

Teachers are provided supplies to use in their classroom to complete the projects they learned in the workshop.

Phase Two:
School Tours at the Johnson Center for the Arts

An important component of the ArtBridges program is bringing the students to the Johnson Center for the Arts.

Students get the opportunity to see the art exhibits that align with the visual arts techniques being used in their classroom.

Form many students, it is their first time in a museum and their first formal exposure to collective body of art.

Docent-led school tours are scheduled in the fall.

Phase Three:
Classroom Visits

Following the school tours, we work with the featured artists to plan a classroom activity integrating the chosen education standards.

The students feel privileged to meet the artists and enjoy their hands-on instruction through the visual arts activity.

The Tony Scott "ArtBridges" Educational Program

ArtBridges is an innovative year-round educational outreach to rural schools in Pike County, Alabama, developed in 2010 by the Education Committee of the Troy-Pike Cultural Arts Center. The TPCAC is the founding organization of the Johnson Center for the Arts (JCA), which opened in 2008 as Pike County’s first and only community arts center. Our mission is the cultural enrichment of the lives of all citizens through exposure to, and education in, the arts. In its five short years of operation, the JCA has become known throughout the state for presenting high-quality visual arts exhibitions with associated educational programs.

Our organization’s objective in developing ArtBridges was to introduce arts education based on Alabama Course of Study Standards across the core curriculum, utilizing the high quality exhibition schedule of the Johnson Center for the Arts as the catalyst.  Our goal is to foster appreciation for, and participation in, the arts using artistic expression and educational outreach to cross divides of generational, socioeconomic and cultural differences. ArtBridges has the potential to dramatically raise test scores and re-invigorate the learning process. The early stage success of this project is leading us to grow our educational outreach over the coming years to encompass all grade levels of the City of Troy and Pike County School Systems.

Teachers at ArtBridges workshop

Teachers take their turn at the ArtBridges workshops! Photos provided by Troy Messenger.

Planning for the ArtBridges program was initiated in March,2010, during meetings held by our staff with both City and County School superintendents at which time needs were identified for their elementary and middle school pupils.  We determined that not only was there a great need in the City of Troy, but the greater need was with the six rural, underserved Pike County Schools. Of the 2,310 students, 81% receive free or reduced lunches. Graduation rates for these three years are: 2009-10 students, 80%; 2010-11, 77%, 2011-12, 68%; (Note: A change in the formula for calculating graduation rate caused a decrease in scores.)  Only one of Pike County’s rural elementary schools employed a visual arts instructor, the others have instruction in music. The Pike County School System, the Troy City School System and the Troy-Pike Cultural Arts Center, Inc. are committed to work together to raise the graduation rate.

Artist talks about work at ArtBridges.Through support from the Alabama State Council on the Arts and the National Endowment for the Arts, the Daniel Foundation of Alabama, the Support the Arts License Tag Advisory Committee, Wells Fargo, the Caring Foundation of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama, Wal-Mart, Lockheed Martin, and CGI, we have been able to develop a firm foundation to our program.  In 2012, the ArtBridges Educational Initiative was renamed the Tony Scott ArtBridges Education Program through a gift from family and friends of the late Tony Scott.  It has grown from school tours each fall into a three-phase, year-round program, and continues to grow each year.