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2012: Faith, Magic, Love and Death
Cautionary Tales of the End Times

August 3 - September 6, 2012
Upper Level Galleries

Cautionary Tales Poster ImageImagine, if you will, a world of full of weirdness, a world believed by many to  be  approaching  its  end times: a world rife with political and dissension; economic inequity and environmental decay; and, fervent adherence to traditions, mythologies, polarizing religious beliefs, and intractable stances  of  greed, power and fundamentcorruptionalist certitude.

And, we’re not just talking about Louisiana.

Now, imagine trying to navigate your way through these times, for they are indeed here. Throw in increasing numbers of vampires (and, really, what is it with all these vampires?), zombies, and most recently, werewolves. Add to the mix the lingering specters of Karl Rove, Thomas Midgley Jr., Sarah Palin, Kim Jong-Il’s hair, and Jim Jones, and you see why we need superheroes. Plus, there are aliens out there.

Now, one doesn’t have to explore deeply to know that there are a host of saints and santos out there, the applied science of destiny and deliverance. It is our contention that if you want to have a patron saint, the most effective one would be one of your own invention, or creation, if you will. Which brings us to Spin-A-Saint. The Spin-A-Saint Machine of Santo-Carto—Necromancy, Destiny and Deliverance—designed and created by Marc Berghaus and Marko Fields—is a genuine, fully functioning contraption.

You may recall, as a child, oddly hilarious and pleasing humanoid creations. Now, imagine a vertically oriented six-sided, three-part cylinder, smoothly spinning and whirring on a spindle when activated by a pull of the handle. Now you’re getting the idea. And, of course, Spin­a-Saint is just a small part of this show. Each artist will share with you his or her visions of the end times. Along with Berghaus, Fields, Gillespie, Hunder, Notkin and Waterman-Peters, artists Elizabeth Jacobson, Sara Downing and Michael Hager lend a hand, and perhaps a few more will join the show as it travels through the year.