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Paintings and Drawings of David Keith Braly

Upper Level Galleries: May 10 through July 15, 2017


Montgomery, Alabama artist, David Keith Braly is an architect and artist who believes that creation is an innate function and responsibility of being human. “What we make and build is both our world and how we see our world; it is both representation and vehicle,” says Braly.  “For me, Architecture and Art are forms of self-expression and of knowledge. Knowledge includes history--real or imagined, so precedent is inextricably linked to creativity.”

David Braly’s work is about the Architectural Landscape; that which is intentionally made and layered over time through varied use. This landscape contains many histories and is made of many fragments, each representative of something no longer there, yet fully present in our imagination. It is his quest to find, interpret and reveal the fullness of this landscape.

Wall pieces by Darius Hill - Chevron

Braly’s Educational background is impressive. He attended Auburn University 1974-9, bachelor degrees in Architecture and Environmental Design; Attended Cambridge University 1986-7, Masters degree in Architectural History; Director of Interior Design, The American College in London, 1983-4; Assistant/Associate Professor of Architecture, Auburn University, 1984-99. Artist in Residence, Eton College, 1996. He is recipient of the Arthur Ross/Classical America Award in painting and rendering 1994.