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WASH • Installation by Jamey Grimes

January 15, 2014 – March 27, 2014

Artist Background:
Grimes is a native of Tuscaloosa, Alabama, where he is a full-time instructor in the Department of Art & Art History at the University of Alabama.  He also teaches drawing courses through Auburn University’s Alabama Prison Arts + Education Project.  He recently received a 2012/13 Visual Artist Fellowship from the Alabama State Council on the Arts.  Grimes has shown his artwork extensively, including exhibitions at the Wiregrass Museum (Dothan, AL), the Dunedin Fine Art Center (FL), the Delaware Center for the Contemporary Arts (DE), the Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts (MI), Sculpture Key West (FL), FAT Village (Ft, Lauderdale, FL), and the Rymer Gallery (TN).  

The Artist talks about his work:
My sculptures are fragments of a conversation with Nature.  The dialogue can be hostile, soothing, or both.  Storms, trees, and the sea personify heightened emotion, wisdom, and awareness.  Reflecting on my own vivid experiences with Nature, I realize that imagination plays a powerful role, transforming observations into unique, dream-like forms.   This process guides experimentation with synthetic materials.  As I find unlikely relationships between memories and materials, metaphors open and expand this dialogue.   

The majority of the work in the Wash exhibit is made from corrugated sign plastic that has been cut and melted.  Multiple sections are suspended and connected together to create the larger works.  In addition to the plastic work, there are many small examples of woodcarving, glass casting, and 3D printing. The inclusion of color in this work is very recent. While some colors enhance aspects of my connections to nature, others further the abstraction.  I am excited by the red and yellow forms, but they are alien to me; my process has only shifted through one variable, but it feels new.  I find this change exciting.  The blue, gray, and black incorporated into this exhibit triggers significant personal associations, particularly to the ocean or turbulent storms.  There is a darkness and energy to this color group that stirs my interest and drives the work. 
                                                                                                —Jamey Grimes

Through every exhibit we try to engage the public with a focus on education. Jamey Grimes is working to incorporate an educational area within his exhibition in order to present examples of the processes he uses to create. This will include materials in all stages of completion, with explanations for each stage. Grimes utilizes corrugated plastic yard signs in his work. He applies heat to the plastic until it begins to melt and become visibly fluid. Viewers should make a connection to Jamey Grimes’ work on a more personal level and gain a greater appreciation for the creative process, since this is a material—with corrugated plastic—that they see almost daily. 
                                           — Walter Black, Exhibitions Coordinator