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Kelly Nicole Olszyk (TroyFest Best-in-Show 2014)

Downstairs Gallery: May 6 through June 13, 2015

Kelly Nicole Olszyk is an award winning contemporary mixed media artist whose work represents the stories in life. Kelly Nicole was born in Dothan and now resides in Eufaula, Alabama.  She studied Graphic Design in Northeastern Pennsylvania and is currently working as a professional artist.

Her method is to show the breakdown of layers and how that transcends through to memories and experiences. The deterioration process is something that some people may look at and ask why an artist would partially destroy their work, however upon further examination; it reveals the beauty that exists through destruction and destruction is all throughout our life; it is our perspective that makes it reality.

Susan Berry painting

“When I think of the layers of the painting, I think of how that represents the layers in someone’s life. There is good and bad, important and trivial. There are decisions that take you on a certain path and mistakes that take you to another. I look at my work from the story it tells, the life that it has lead. The drawing starts, the birth of an idea. Next, I start to sculpt newspaper around the drawing, because it tells so much of everyday life that is here one moment and then gone the next. The paper shows the day to day life as we know it. There are tragedies and triumphs.  Weddings and deaths.  Some are searching for their first apartment to begin a life on their own. Some are looking at their foreclosed home for sale.  Jobs that finally makes a difference. Food ads that help make it less expensive to feed a family and the knowledge that there are others that cannot afford food at all. Horrific front page stories and kittens waiting for someone who will love them unconditionally. Everyday events, both of vast importance and the unessential. I place it and mold it as if done by parents, by society or by one’s own unrealistic expectations. After the paper dries, the painting begins. Layer upon layer, covering up the past. Sometimes it stays hidden and sometimes it comes through as a constant reminder. As in life, age and deterioration set in, so I sand away the paper. What comes off is sometimes on purpose and sometimes it is a consequence of a previous step I have taken. There are choices and there are mistakes. When the painting is done, you see more than a painting. You see life. In all of its paths and decisions. In the start and at the end. Yet through the pain and hardship, you see beauty. A beauty that is not traditional or expected. A beauty that has only manifested because of the destruction.  The imperfect perfection.”

Kelly Nicole Olszyk